Grade 12-B Assembly

Creatively dishing out slices of their school life, all the way from 1st to 11th Grade, students of Grade 12 B took a trip down the memory lane in their class assembly ‘Nostalgia’. Children attempting challenging projects during KHOJ in grade 1; singing aloud together during Preksha, (Annual Music Day) and the famous Sports Day dances four years ago, elicited loud cheers and applause from the audience. Then came the startling realities of Grade 11, the difficulties faced by the students, and the contrast between those who have it too easy and students who struggle to cope with the extraordinary jump in complexity and vastness of portions. This all-too-relatable theme was enacted through a series of hilarious classroom scenes, culminating in the depiction of an exam. However, a speech to students on leaving school, coping with stress and disappointment, advising them to hold tight to their memories of school life and to not put undue pressure on themselves took the edge off those precarious situations. The beautiful rendition of songs and unique quiz on school and its history strengthened the student- school bond.