Happy Classrooms

“The purpose of one’s life is to remain happy”
- Dalai Lama

With an objective to promote emotional well-being of both students and teachers, CBSE organized a full-day workshop on the 2nd of July 2022 on Happy Classrooms. This module of the Capacity Building Program is based on the premise that teachers with a healthy Emotional Quotient ensure students are happy learners.

The highlights included a focus on providing support to the learners through various strategies namely celebrating achievements, building positive relationships, and developing coping skills.

Mrs. Anupama Ramachandra, Principal DPS Electronic city, ensured the day was packed with joyous activities as she explained emotional intelligence and showed how activities like role play, Total Physical Response, and Mood Meter help teachers connect better as well as create happy learning spaces.

As the teachers became learners themselves for a day, Ms. Ramachandra successfully demonstrated activities to promote self-awareness to understand the learners’ emotions better, especially in the wake of the pandemic. The workshop aimed at understanding the impact of emotions on development, decision-making, and interactions of educators with themselves as well as others. It proved to be an insightful workshop aiming at spreading happiness both inside as well as outside the classroom.