NPS Konnect

NPS Konnect is an initiative to strengthen the bonds with our parent community and our alumni body through a series of guest lectures or career counselling sessions. In each session of Konnect our students receive enriching first-hand accounts and sound advice on an education or career pathway.

Parent Speak -
Space MIssions -
ISRO SAtellite Center
09.02.2023 Ms. Vijayasree MK
from the ISRO Satellite Centre
Choosing the Right Career 13.03.2021 Dr. Nandkishore Rathi
Career in Indian Defence 20.03.2021 Flight Lieutenant Ms Madhavi Kattishetti
Startups – Pros and Cons 27.03.2021 Mrs. Nidhi Mathur
Leadership 27.03.2021 Mr. Karthik Ganapathy
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 01.04.2021 Mrs. Amritha Prasanna
Data Analytics 26.06.2022 Mrs. Sahilaja Grover
Acing KVPY 06.07.2021 Alumni – NPS K
Foreign Admissions 10.07.2021 Mr. V Anandkumar and NPS K Alumni
Careers in Commerce 22.07.2021 Mr. Apoorv Gairola
Medicine and Biosciences 24.07.2021 Dr. S K Mohanty
IKIGAI 07.08.2021 Mr. Sakti Bagchi
Hiring Interns 25.08.2021 Abhinav Karthik, NPSK Alumus
Research in Science and technology 04.12.2021 Mr. Satish Vemuri
Career as a Surgeon 20.02.2022 Dr. Mallikharjuna Gupta
Robotics 12.07.2022 Dr. Ruchir Saraswat , Mr. Gaurav Upadhyaya
Careers in Finance 23.07.2022 Mr Deepak Mittugunta
Efficient Management of Finances in Adulthood 31.10.2022 Mr Manoj Ladi
Parent Speak 2.12.2022 Mrs.Sudeshna Basu Roy and Mr. Kannan Krishnamurthy
Alumni Speak – Pure Sciences 19.12.2022 Ms. Nandini Ravi (Batch of 2007) and Mr. Nishant Parrikar (Batch of 2016).

TAGE - Towards A Greener Environment
Initiated by: Aniruddha Voruganti and Aamir M Anees

Towards A Green Education- TAGE is an organization that aims to help primary school children by providing them with stationery. TAGE collects any recyclable paper from schools and communities and uses the funds generated from its recycling to buy stationery. Before recycling, the unused pages from old notebooks are removed and are used to make new notebooks with the help of school students.

Over the course of one year, TAGE has collected over 25 tons of used paper, thousands unused sheets of paper, and made several hundreds of handmade notebooks. TAGE visits government schools in collaboration with Akshara Foundation, and gives stationery sets to the children - each of which includes a handmade notebook, a 100-page ruled notebook, a box of 10 pencils, two erasers and a sharpener. TAGE plans to visit several more schools in the future - and aims to scale to a level where a significant difference can be made to the world we live in.

Why Waste?
Initiated by: Garvita Gulati and Pooja T

It is a novel project initiated under the guidance of Reap Benefit organization. The objective is to create awareness about composting the food waste and conserving water in hotels and restaurants.

Read the Press article!

Initiated by: Chandana Satish

An initiation about creating awareness about saving power and segregation of waste.

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Teach PoWer
Initiated by: Kanika Mittal and Anvita Nigam

TeachPower is an ongoing student initiative that provides the support staff an opportunity to read and write English. This year fluency in speaking English is also being looked at. This is a four year long programme, at the end of which we hope our support staff will be proficient enough to fill a form or a cheque.