World Environment Day, 2023

NPS Koramangala celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th, 2023. The event kicked off with a speech by Renee G of Grade 12, about how a positive change is closer than we think. Five examples of people making a positive difference were highlighted, each example zooming in closer and closer to an initiative that sprouted in NPS Koramangala - starting with global change at the United Nations and ending with the initiative ‘Why Waste’ started by NPS Koramangala aluma Garvita Gulhati. Renee spotlighted on how change lies not in the grand gestures but more so in the subtleties of our everyday life. This was followed by a video of students of Grade 12 who started an initiative to replace plastic straws with paper ones and the impact they made through their venture. Finally, Ms. Usha UK, secondary school English teacher enlightened the students on her very own undertaking, transforming tailors’ cloth scraps into blankets, bags and more and distributing them to the needy. The students surely left the auditorium inspired and with some food for thought, motivated to do their bit towards the environment and tread lighter on Mother Earth this year!