Sanskrit Day 2019

Students of grade 5-10 established the glory of our most respected and ancient language, Sanskrit, by celebrating Sanskrit Day on 19th of August. A mellifluous ‘Sanskrit Vandana’ accompanied by classical dance rendered an auspicious beginning to the programme.

A Sanskrit speech highlighting the importance this pure language of the gods, an interesting presentation covering remarkable aspects of this rich, versatile yet precise language which is hailed by the NASA scientist too, a beautiful rendition of a Sanskrit song, an impressive recital of Medha Sukt from the Yajur Ved mesmerised the audience. Then came the most interesting element of the program - a song cum recitation of commonly used English words in Sanskrit left the students in peals of laughter. Bhoomi Mangalam, a rhythmic dance paying a tribute to all the creatures in nature was much admired. An interactive quiz in Sanskrit and a few popular Bollywood numbers in Sanskrit that the audience tried to identify, elicited a lot of fun. An all in all Sanskrit assembly, skillfully organized and executed reaffirmed the faith that Sanskrit is far from dead language rather it is set to regain its popularity with the new computer age.