Sanskrit Day Celebrations 2022

Without the study of Sanskrit, one cannot become a true Indian and a true learned man.

These words of Mahatma Gandhi, an inspiration for all Indians, were endorsed by the students of NPS Koramangala, as they celebrated Sanskrit Day on 25th August 2022. The day commenced with seeking the blessings of lord Ganesha in the mellifluous devotional song by the students of Grade 9. The glory of the Sanskrit language, through which the precious stream of Vedic knowledge has flowed down to us since ancient times, was shared by Sohham S Joshi (Grade 8) in his speech. Based on the interesting facts shared in the speech, a quiz was conducted next. Sanskrit song - मधुरभाषा संस्कृतं मृदुलभाषा संस्कृतम्’ by the students of Grades 7 and 8 as well as the explanations of the Sanskrit shlokas, sung every day by the students in the morning assembly, mesmerized the audience. However, what touched the heart of the spectators was the dance drama, Ramayana, by the students of Grade 10, which encapsulated the key incidents through the fascinating gestures, characterization, and dance sequences. Compering by Jayanth Vikram and Swati Nair of Grade 12 and Vote of Thanks, in Sanskrit, by Avani Pai of Grade 10 were praiseworthy.

Sanskrit Diwas was indeed a successful effort in spreading awareness, and reviving Sanskrit, the mother of all Indian languages.