The Inter-house quiz for grades 6-8 was held on 7th December 2022. It was an intense and buzzing quizzing, where all four Houses fought it out to finish at the top. However, it was the Explorers, with their team of Nishaanth S (6A), Arham G (7B), and Arjun S (8C). Right on their tails were the Challengers, who had been leading after the first two rounds. The Voyagers finished third.

The first round was a general round, followed by a rapid-fire round. The third round was a picture round, with participants having to guess who or what was present in blurred images. The final round was a theme round, where each question had a few clues, and all questions were linked with an overlying theme. The Explorers beat the Challengers when they guessed the theme - NPS Koramangala - correctly.