QUINTANA 2020-2021

Entrepreneurship programme is one of the much-awaited events for the sixth graders. It attempts to awaken the entrepreneur within each child. It is through this programme that the young 12 -year- olds learn the basics of handling a business project independently. They also learn and understand the essential characteristics required to become an entrepreneur such as, planning, effective communication, marketing, business management and leadership skills.

This year the entrepreneurship program came with a twist. In spite of the challenges thrown by the Covid pandemic, children enthusiastically participated in the program. They brainstormed an idea, designed the product under the able guidance of a grade 11 mentor, created a power point presentation, recorded videos explaining the product, its USP, cost analysis, growth strategy, business model and timeline.

They assertively pitched their products to a panel of judges aka venture capitalists on 8th- 10th February 2021. They confidently fielded the questions asked by the angel investors. The project was a great learning experience for the young entrepreneurs.