Music event

Music Club hosted its much-anticipated Interhouse music event for Grades 6-8 on 20th January 2023. The competitions had two categories- A Capella, and the Battle of the Bands. A Capella, where each House representatives had to form a cohesive and rich melody with solely their own voices, saw the stunningly talented young singers perform many popular Bollywood and pop songs, attracting a keen audience. The Voyagers emerged winners, followed by the Pioneers in second place, the Explorers in third, and the Challengers in fourth place. The energy was high and the atmosphere charged, when each band gave their best during the Battle of Bands. They not just rocked with the music they made but pleased the audience with the classic look of bands such as Green Day and the Rolling Stones. The crowd went wild with the rendition of many iconic rock and pop songs. The Voyagers came first, with Pioneers second, Challengers third, and Explorers fourth.