Montessori orientation 2019 - 2020

The month of June began with the Freshers, starting their academic journey on 7t June 2019 and the Juniors and Seniors on 19th June. The first day saw the Freshers get comfortable in the new environment with their parents by their sides.

Fresher Orientation scheduled on 8th June gave the parents an in depth understanding of the functioning of the School in general and the Montessori system in particular. This year the speakers included, Mrs Sinu Jacob (mother of Neha Sharon Jacob, who was a Montessori child 15 years ago). Mrs Jacob’s talk was well received. She provided valuable and practical tips for the parents and stressed on the importance of creating routines and active parental involvement in the early years.

The Junior orientation was held on 22th June. Parents of Montessori Juniors were given an opportunity to step into their children’s shoes and experience working in a Montessori environment first hand. It was a joyful learning experience for the parents.

On 21st June, the Montessori children celebrated the International yoga day by doing some of the child friendly asanas. They seemed to enjoy the whole process of exercising and keeping oneself fit.

KG1 & KG2 orientation 2019 - 2020

An orientation program was arranged for the parents of KG1 and KG2 on 12th June and 18th June respectively, to familiarise the parents with the teaching – learning methodology implemented in the school.

The KG1 teachers presented an amplified view of the objectives of the Pre-Primary curriculum and the integrated approach which gave a clear understanding to the parents. Apart from the teaching process, the session included safety and security arrangements in school, events held in school, leave policy, rules and regulations, parenting tips, inculcating healthy eating habits and to this effect a set menu was provided. The orientation was beneficial and productive bringing forth lots of ideas on Child Development in Early Years, Kindergarten Guidelines, Parent Teacher Interaction, and Parental Participation in Child’s Education.