Model Making

The inter-house Science & Math event (Final round) was held on the 10th December 2022. The entire process consisted of two rounds – the Selection round and the Final round. In the selection round, students were selected on the basis of a quiz. Draw of lots decided the model for the contestants in the final round. The topics ranged from Newton’s Cradle, Periscope, Infinity Mirror to Hydraulic Lift. Participants were given the list of materials for reference, but the students were also given liberty to bring their own set of materials. The Challengers picked the Infinity Mirror, the Pioneers took up the Hydraulic Lift, the Explorers picked the Periscope and the Voyagers took up the Newton’s Cradle.

On the day of the event, the participants assembled in the Auditorium 20 minutes prior to the start of the event, to organize their materials. All the teams produced impressive models and each of them were thorough with how the model works and its principle. After questioning each House, the judges made their decision. The Challenges consisting of Rushil Hegde (8B), V Shravya (8B) and Parth Aggarwal (6B) bagged the 1st place. The Voyagers consisting of Aarav Biraage (6A), Vedant Sawant (6C) and Bishakha Koley (6A) were the runnersup. The Explorers consisting of Arjun Sahai (8C), Varad Bhatia (6A) and Vaishakh Vipin (7B) placed third and the Pioneers consisting of Renee B Pillai (6B), Reyaansh Agrawal and Sachit Bhujang of 7C placed fourth.