Meraki 2018

March 10th 2018 will be etched in the memories of the students, parents and faculty of Montessori at NPS Koramangala as a day that was captivating and unforgettable. This maiden venture, an exhibition, which was aptly named “Meraki 2018- A Montage of Monte-Stories” showcased the culmination of the year’s events and activites. The event saw the AV room transform into a visual extravaganza, where the tiny tots narrated events depicting their journey of the year that went by. The parents were in for a treat as the students engaged them with interactive games, enthralled them with their narrative prowess and offered them some mementos as takeaway. The show was also attended by teachers from various schools. They were in awe of the event and highly appreciated the show for being a perfect blend of student talent, display of the art and craft and parent involvement. The camaraderie between the students and the teachers had a special mention in the feedback given by the parents.