IRIS 2022

IRIS 2022 @ NPS Koramangala on 28th October 20222 was a celebration of youth, their passion, potential, positivity, and a promise that our future is secure in capable and caring hands. The multidisciplinary fest comprised a gamut of subjects ranging from science to commerce; maths to management; law to linguistics; stock market, gaming, and the most popular fashion and stand-up comedy. Students of Grades 11 and 12 worked assiduously for weeks together, right from ideating the events to finally executing the events- a cornucopia of choice for all to enjoy, compete and win.

In her address to nearly 300 participants from the 11 best schools from Bangalore and Mysore, the Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair said that such interschool fests add much-needed joy and vitality to student life, especially after a long and difficult hiatus due to Covid 19. Ms. Nair also highlighted how new friendships and lifelong memories are fostered during such fests. After that the principal declared IRIS 2022 open where the most talented competitors locked horns in the contests that tested their intellectual agility, creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, speed, and innovation.

Ditching the cursed box of ancient Pandora, stand-up comedy donned a new avatar when the young jesters picked their comic cues from Candora’s Box. And when the creative juices mingled with the scientific temper it made a heady cocktail for all the science and poetry lovers. While the computer science event posed multiple programming problems, the contestants’ armies were confronted on the battlefield where the deep knowledge of chemistry was the lone hope of survival.

After enough guzzling down of murder mysteries, it was time for real action- dabbling with forensic investigation and hooking the killer in the biology event, Sherlocked. All the events of the fest engaged the students in unique challenges whether it was the treasure hunt through the maze of algebra, and equations or enduring the roller coaster ride of the volatile stock market, or trying hands-on circuitry, and machine building in the thrilling physics event.

Clues were lost and found when the eager linguists applied their code decryption skills to the ultimate test in finding the key to the mystery of the missing librarian. Similarly, the exciting gaming, sizzling court trials, and managing the economic crisis proved to be nerve-wracking yet immensely stimulating.

Finally came the most awaited moment, the fashion show- Descience- an amalgamation of design and science. This runaway walk literally and figuratively lit the ramp with twinkling outfits which explained some cool science theories in an ingenious way. The fest, a tribute to the exhilarating world of multidisciplinarity and youth energy concluded with a bang. Each team put their best foot forward winning accolades; however, it was NPS Indiranagar that took the overall trophy home.