Investiture and Prize Day 2019-20

A leader should lead by example; should develop a degree of equanimity and should understand the principle of mutual interdependence - the three most important qualities Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to possess in Bhagwat Gita.

With these thoughts Ms. Usha Unnikrishnan steered the course of Investiture ceremony, now christened Investiture and Prize Day from the current year to honour the academic achievers of grade 12 and grade 10, on 20th June 2019. In her address the Director, Dr. Bindu Hari exhorted the students to break free from self-imposed prejudices, insecurities and live life to be happy and to make others happy. The auditorium reverberated with thunderous cheers as the names of 62 badge holders of new Student Council Body were announced. In her speech, Ms. Satydadeep Shetty further highlighted the merits of a true leader by giving glorious examples of our contemporary leaders.

The badges for prestigious clubs were announced and bestowed by Dr. Bindu and the Principal, Mrs. Jyotsna Nair to the proud bearers of the new office. Taking forward the revered legacy of the institution, the School flag, Sports flag and the flags for the four houses were handed over to the respective leaders which marked the beginning of the responsibility that the young, capable student leaders proudly accepted. School Prefect Niveditha S Iyer delivered her maiden official speech calling for collective efforts to Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond.

Meenakshi Subramanium Award given every year to honour the academic excellence was conferred to Kaustubh Roy of Grade 12 for his brilliant performance in grade 12 boards. An English song, ‘A Million dreams’ by the students of grade 6-8 and a splendid Semi-classical dance depicting Draupadi Vastraharan by students of grade 8 were greatly admired.

The alumni turnout in a large number gave a warm family feel to the whole ceremony. Alumni representative Neha Sharon Jacob and Yohan Irani presented the school with Walkie -Talkie and Badminton nets as a gesture of gratitude to their alma mater.