Investiture and Prize Day 2024-2025

A celebration of leadership and excellence, Investiture and Prize Day 2024, was held at NPS Koramangala on 20th June 2024. It was a glorious occasion that saw the felicitation of merit and the crowing of brilliance with authority and responsibility.

The esteemed Guest of Honour for the day was Mr. Saurabh Seroo, alumnus, Class of 2006 and Board of Trustee for the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the cause of patients suffering from a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Accompanied by the Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair, Mr. Seroo lit the sacred lamp while the symphonious Sadgurum Namami, by the students of Grades 6-12 serenaded the atmosphere.

Mr. Saurabh Seroo, who also holds the distinction of being the first school prefect from Grade 12 of NPS Koramangala, reminisced about the golden days spent in his alma mater. He counseled the students and the alumni present in large numbers, not to get upset by the failures in life’s path, where opportunities are in abundance. He insisted on always remembering that, “You’re Capable!”.

Mr Seroo felicitated the top achievers for their stellar performances in Grade 12 and 10 Board Examinations 2024. Then arrived the most eagerly awaited moment, the announcement of the names of the students who will spearhead the Student Council 2024-25. The much-coveted golden badges were conferred to the most deserving 73 students by the Guest of Honour, the Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair, and the senior coordinator, Ms. Pramila Menon.

The students of Grade 8 paid an artistic tribute to the five fundamental building-blocks of the universe, ‘Panchabhoots’, in the form of a semi-classical dance performance. Ms. Vinanthi Kini’s eloquent insights on the essence of leadership, the myth of infallibility, and the need to forge emotional connections with strong values stayed with the audience for a long time.

After the exhilarating, inspiring English song, ‘Never Giving Up’ by the students of Grades 6-12, the Principal Ms Jyotsna Nair formally handed over the school flag, the sports flag, and the flags of the four Houses to the newly appointed student leaders. On behalf of the new School Council, the School Prefect, Rakshak Jain, took the oath of office, to carry out their duties with utmost sincerity and commitment. Delivering his maiden speech as the School Prefect, he vowed to work collaboratively to create a harmonious and inclusive environment that promotes, learning, growth, and well-being.

The presence of alumni added a charming warmth to the whole occasion and as per the tradition, on behalf of the batch of 2023-24, the last school prefect, Adrija Thakur and Sports Captain, Nandin Thakare presented a token of their gratitude to their alma mater. The celebration ended with the singing of the national anthem.