Interhouse Science and Math Event

The inter-house math and science event, conducted by the Math and Science Clubs, took place on the 7th of October in the form of an engaging treasure hunt across the school campus. The treasure hunt was a race against time where four teams, one from each House- competed to solve riddles to receive the next clue. The first to reach the final location would be the winner. The school's floors were graphed using a floor plan and certain rooms were given coordinates on a Cartesian plane which corresponded to their respective clues. Teams were asked to go around the school to find clues that would lead them to the next room and so on. However, if a team got stuck on a clue, getting a hint would give them a 5-minute time penalty. Going to the wrong room would result in a 10- minute penalty and failure to get the answer to any clue would add 15 minutes to their overall time. At the end of the event- the team with the lowest overall time was the Voyagersthe winners. Following them were the Pioneers and in third place- the Challengers.