Student Council House Captains Elections 2022-23

Challengers, let us challenge the challenges so much that even challenges fear to challenge us!

With such election war cries, the nominees for House Captains of the four Houses- Challenger, Explorer, Pioneer and Voyager- flexed their muscles as the second and final round of Student Council elections 2022-23 took place on 3rd June 2022. Gusty and eloquent contestants rolled out their ambitious manifestoes. They wooed the electorate with a promise to win the prestigious sports trophy (this being the Sports Day year) or vowed to establish an effective system of conducting House selections or by being forever approachable or by providing exposure to new age courses. Knowing too well the art of influencing voters, they used every potent arsenal, striking a bond with a childhood anecdote or dazzling with a colourful future or connecting by being simply vulnerable or crudely honest. It was hard to say who found a way into the heart of his audience, but one thing was certain that all were winners in their own right; as one of the candidates rightly quoted Lewis Hamilton, whatever be the outcome, “Still, we rise”.

Students of Grades 10, 11 and 12 and the faculty members inked their fingers and cast the ballot. Karthik Sanoj (Challenger House), Kushagra Sisodia (Explorer House) Abhishek Noronha (Pioneer House) were the winners. Nishtha Ladi, the sole candidate for Voyager House, was elected unanimously. The Principal, Ms. Jyotsna Nair announced the results amidst loud cheering by members of all four Houses.