Handing Over Ceremony

Handing Over Ceremony, a day when the Grade 12 leaders entrust their responsibilities to their deputies, was celebrated on 31st January 2023.

The program commenced with students of Grades 6-8 invoking the blessings of the almighty in a symphonious rendition. In her address, Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair extolled the virtue of teamwork behind an institution’s success and congratulated all the students for being an incredible team in making 2022-23 a year of significant action and achievements. The Principal also urged the student leaders to self-appraise and persevere to be better versions of themselves. Then, Grade 12 badge holders handed over the School and House flags to their Grade 11 successors, with a firm belief in their abilities to carry forward the rich legacy of NPS. The School Prefect, Ankita Anand reflected on the year that went by, expressing gratification and gratitude at being able to achieve all the set goals with the support of all the stakeholders. Then, the most awaited announcements were made by the principal. The Best Outgoing Student award was bestowed on the school prefect Ankita Anand, a remarkable leader, and a true all-rounder. Grade 12 badge holders, and winners of inter-house club events, as well as Rashavi G V, of 12 A, was felicitated for 100% attendance in Grade 12 were felicitated. The cultural trophy for the year was bagged by Voyagers House amidst high jubilation.

Melodious rendition of songs and an electrifying western dance by students from Grades 6-12 delighted the audience. Ankita Anand, on receiving the title of Best Outgoing Student, expressed her gratitude and delight at receiving the title in poignant words. The school Vice Prefect, Adrija Thakur drew the curtain on the ceremony with the Vote of Thanks.