Grade 9 and 11 orientation 2019 - 2020

Orientation for students and parents of grade 9 and 11 was held on 8th June where they were well acquainted with the remodeled assessment structure introduced by CBSE. Scholastic (especially the newly introduced internal assessment pattern for grade 9), co-scholastic areas along with discipline were explained in great details. For grade 11 the objective was to orient the students and the parents to successfully cruise through the substantial leap the grade takes in terms of course content and requisite diligence on part of the pupils. The academic calendar, schedule of assessments and pattern of examinations were shared. The faculty and the Principal also shared invaluable pointers regarding pertinent issues viz. handling manifold pressures, finding balance between technology and real work, nurturing good health and much more. NPS KRM’s commitment in providing an extremely supportive and holistic environment to its scholars was reiterated.