Communal Harmony Day

“Together, we are the unchanging staff upon which all the other notes are strewn, sometimes in harmony, and else dissidence, but always in a beautiful key.”
- Julie Rearick

India, a multi-religious, multilingual and multi-racial country, has always enjoyed the essential unity of culture amidst diversities that kept the people united and not interfered with the peaceful pursuit of the ways of life of different sections.

We at NPSKRM, reiterated the necessity of ‘Sadbhavana’, more so in these times ridden with strife by celebrating ‘Communal Harmony Day” on 3rd December 2021. Students presented their class assembly on the theme “Communal Harmony”. This was followed by the teacher explaining the significance of Communal Harmony and sharing the video of songs and dance by students of grades 3 and 4.

Students of Grades 4 and 5 wrote essays on “Why is Communal Harmony the need of the hour?” While Grade 3 wrote on “What does Communal Harmony mean to you?” Students of Grades 1 and 2 created an art work to depict the symbols of Communal Harmony. This event helped students understand that it is important to treat everyone as equals and create communities where everyone felt like they belonged.