Art Exhibition 2020

Art Exhibition- A fascinating art exhibition was conducted on 29th February 2020 by the students of grade 1 to 10. The students worked hard throughout the year and their artistic efforts, displayed beautifully, drew a large crowd of parents and students. The following are few of their brilliant works:

  • Grade 1: Palm Prints
  • Grade 2: Cotton Crafts
  • Grade 3: All Eyes on You
  • Grade 4: Hanky Holders
  • Grade 5: Stippled Spots
  • Grade 6: Plethora of Paper, Scenic Sketches
  • Grade 7: Panoply of Pots, Whiff of Wool
  • Grade 8: Macramé Wall Hangings, Fevicol Frenzy, Three Dimensional Drawings
  • Grade 9: Value Work
  • Grade 10: Madhubani Art, Book Cover Designs

On asking the art teachers, the response met was, “We have excellent children with great potential. With just a bit of guidance, they make miracles happen!”

Parents were accompanied by children from across grades to view the exhibits. The cheerful volunteers from grades 7 and 8 helped them understand the nuances and techniques behind the various works of art. The parents were awestruck by the talents showcased by their children and could not resist leaving positive feedback.

This experience was spectacular and was enjoyed by parents and students alike.