• NPS KRM Runners-up in
    CBSE Cluster - VIII Karnataka
    Basketball Tournament
  • Pranjal Srivastava wins
    3rd Gold in the International
    Mathematics Olympiad.
  • "The challenge before us today
    is to mould students into
    caring and creative human beings."
    Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna
  • "Education in its true sense
    leads to happy relationships,
    meaningful work and personal fulfillment"
    Ms. Santhamma Gopalkrishna
  • "An enthusiastic and professional body
    of faculty ensures that excellence
    is promoted in all aspects of school life"
    Dr. Bindu Hari

About NPS Koramangala

National Public School, Koramangala was established in 2003 under the chairmanship of Dr. K P Gopalkrishna following the glorious lineage of the elite NPS Group's institutions.

Chairman's Message

Few things have greater importance to parents than the education of their children. They look for academic excellence, good values, and discipline for their children. Choosing the right school for them is therefore a crucial decision.


Yearbook articles
by Dr. Bindu Hari


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Diya Agrawal (Grade 12 B) placed 4th in India in the Asia-Pacific Linguistics Olympiad
Pranjal Srivastava wins Gold in the International Mathematics Olympiad