IRIS 2023 Inter-School Fest - A Spectacular Success!

The much-anticipated inter-school fest hosted by NPS Koramangala, IRIS 2023, held on July 20 and 21, proved to be an exhilarating two-day extravaganza of talent and competition. A completely student-run fest, with an array of captivating events, IRIS 2023 was declared open by the Principal, Ms. Jyotsna Nair. The mega event brought together around 500 students from various schools in Bangalore and Mysore to showcase their skills and creativity. The fest was organized into two main categories - Commerce and Cultural events, offering a diverse platform for participants to shine.

Commerce Fest had an excellent spread of events like ‘Best Manager’, ‘Business Journalism’, ‘HR & PR’. ‘Law’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Mock Stock’, ‘Shark Tank’, and ‘Social Media’. The participants displayed their sharp business acumen, innovative business ideas, research, communication, and analytical skills as young entrepreneurs, business journalists, and HR, PR heads. Events such as social media where participants exhibited their prowess in social media management and marketing by developing engaging campaigns and content to influence the virtual audience proved the strength of the participants. Law event brought out debating skills on contemporary legal issues and the Mock Stock event reflected the finance enthusiasts playing the stock market game, making strategic investments and trading decisions to maximize their virtual profits.

The intense competition in the Commerce events culminated in Christ Junior College, Bangalore emerging as the overall winners, securing their position as the Commerce champions of IRIS 2023.

Cultural Fest on July 21 also had a wide range of events. Hip-hop and folk dance set the stage on fire with electrifying Indian folk and Western performances, leaving the audience in awe. Following this was the drama event where the participants captivated the spectators with their powerful theatrical presentations, showcasing their acting prowess and storytelling abilities. The auditorium resonated with the music event with the clash of bands and soul-stirring acapella renditions. The creative photographers and filmmakers in the event Lumina, exhibited their visual storytelling skills, capturing the essence of life through their lenses. The art enthusiasts’creative imagination, and passion for Japanese art style came to the fore when they brought their favourite anime characters to life, on paper.

The cultural events witnessed intense competition, andremarkable performances. NPS Indiranagar emerged as the Overall winner, showcasing its unparalleled talents in various cultural disciplines.

IRIS was conceived and prepared by students of Grade 12. Working together with Grade 11 volunteers, the students carried out an exceptional program that brought out leadership qualities and the much-needed 21st-century skills of critical thinking and problem-solving. IRIS 2023 was indeed a celebration of talent, creativity, teamwork, and excellent management. The participants and organizers alike contributed to making this event a grand success.