Hall of Fame

Niveditha S. Iyer (Class of 2020)

Niveditha S. Iyer made history by being the first student from NPS Koramangala to have been accepted to both Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She chose Stanford University over MIT where she is majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science.

In May 2020, Niveditha won the Grand Award for her project, under the category of Behavioural Sciences, at the IRIS National Science Fair organized by the Government of India’s Department of Science & Technology in Bangalore during 23-24 January 2020. She went on to represent India at the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in Anaheim, California.

Niveditha clinched an overall fourth position in Round 2 of the Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympiad, winning a silver medal. She represented India at the 2019 International Linguistics Olympiad in South Korea.

In 2018-19, Niveditha and her team won two gold and one bronze medals in the International Linguistics Olympiad 2018 held in Prague.

In 2019, Niveditha won the regional round of the Indian National Brain Bee - a neuroscience competition revolving around anatomy, functioning, and disorders of the brain.