Spectrum – Early Years Sports Day : A Day of Fun and Excitement

The In-house Sports Day for Early Years, was a week-long affair, starting from the 27th of September to the 10th of October 2023. Each day was earmarked for a particular grade and section to participate in fun track events thoughtfully curated by the teachers.

The weather was perfect with the sun shining bright. Excitement and laughter filled the air as the Early Learners came dressed in the bright vibrant colours allocated to them. The tiny tots, full of energy and enthusiasm, showcased their athletic abilities in a series of delightful games and races. The event saw the Early Learners participate in each race sportingly, as they hopped and giggled their way to the finish line. Their peers acted as their cheerleaders as they motivated and cheered each participant as they ran their race.

The group event organized at the end of the races, was a fitting finale to the day with the whole class participating as one showcasing their infallible teamwork. Each participant was handed over a certificate for their wonderful sportsmanship. The smiles and easy laughter of the little ones was testimony to the success of the event. It helped foster a love for sports and camaraderie among our budding sportspersons.