Triennial Science Expo, KHOJ- 2023

Students of NPS Koramangala, celebrated the spirit of scientific enquiry and explored a world of exciting possibilities in the triennial science expo, KHOJ- 2023 themed ‘Science and Society’ on 10th November 2023 in the school premises.

The Vice Chairperson of NPS Group of Schools, Dr. Bindu Hari, accompanied by the Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair, lit the auspicious lamp to the mellifluous tunes of the invocation song and declared the expo open. Traversing through the realms of physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and mathematics, students from Grades 6-10 investigated the wonders and mysteries of the unknown. Through 121 live, hands-on research projects, the young scientists explored contemporary challenges and possible solutions to benefit society, conserve nature, and innovate for a better future.

The young researchers worked zealously using scientific methods, from asking a question to establishing a hypothesis and from observations to presenting the findings. Among a range of creatively made models, and experiments were the Trajectory and functions of Chandrayaan 3 (3D model), working of a high bypass turbofan jet engine, Text to Braille translator, investigation of adulteration, a solar power farm, the model of dream city, ocean conservation, an indigenous and extremely cost-effective oven, a handmade telescope and many more.

Guests, judges, students from sister schools, parents, and grandparents hopped from one exhibit to another learning about unexpected applications of the principles of Physics, to uncovering the science behind DNA modification to cure diseases; from being mesmerized by the brilliant bonds of Chemistry, to decoding Math in the labyrinth of numbers, while mastering the complex art of Coding.

Innovative experiments, lucid explanations of scientific patterns by confident speakers, creative depiction of various tricky concepts through elaborate charts and models, throughout the corridors and classrooms captivated the inquisitive spectators.

The exhibits were judged based on originality and innovativeness, scalability and utility for society, concept clarity, cost-effectiveness, and presentation and 2 teams from among 24 teams across each grade were declared winners in their respective grades.