Graduation Ceremony 2024

NPS Koramangala celebrated the most momentous occasion in the life of its nineteenth batch of Grade 12 students at the Graduation Ceremony on 3rd February, 2024. The august gathering and inspiring words of eminent guests, eternal blessings of the well-wishers, nostalgic recollections of friends, and sublime music, amidst an ambience that exuded warmth and beauty, made the send-off a memory to be ensconced in the depths of everyone’s heart and mind.

Mr. Shashank ND, Founder, and CEO of Practo Technologies, was the chief guest for the day. He was accompanied by his wife, Ms. Richa Shashank. The Vice Chairperson TISB, NAFL and NPS Group of Schools, Dr. Bindu Hari, and the Principal, Ms. Jyotsna Nair graced the occasion.

As the parents trickled in, they were regaled with a montage of prized moments of the graduating batch, from their elementary years through senior school, that left everyone nostalgic and sentimental. The auspicious lighting of the lamp accompanied by a euphonious invocation to the almighty by Grade 7-9 students raised the curtains on a charming evening.

Mr Shashank ND, an alumnus of NPS Rajajinagar and NIT Surathkal, reminisced about his school days, education, dreams, challenges, and how he forged a new path as an entrepreneur with zero business experience, in an era when startups were a rarity. His three mantras for the youngsters, which are also the secrets of his phenomenal success, were a source of great inspiration. He asked them to focus on the joy of doing, not the outcome, leverage the current economic boom of the country, and meditate to harness the immense power of the mind.

Vice Chairperson, Dr. Bindu Hari exhorted the outgoing batch to always honour their parents, teachers, and society and pay them back in all possible manners. Dr. Bindu Hari also wished them a life full of joy and hope and persuaded them to don the role of a giver on their path to success. The dignitaries presented scrolls to each of the graduands.

In her address, Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair celebrated the bright, loving yet equally mischievous batch of 2024 which displayed great talent and scaled new heights of excellence in multiple fields all through their student hood. She advised them to always hold on to the time-honoured values the school had instilled in them, cultivate a minimalist lifestyle, stay connected to their roots and be forever grateful to their parents for all the blessings in their life. Thereafter, the principal made the ceremonial declaration as the students moved the tassels on their motor boards from right to left. The parent speaker, Ms. Neelam Agarwal, speaking on behalf of the parent fraternity, extolled the sound ecosystem in which the school nurtures its students, equipping them to realise their full potential. Through anecdotes, Ms Agarwal illustrated the school’s child-centric work style and reinstated her gratitude.

Nandin Thakare and Rishika Gupta from the passing out batch shared their beautiful memories and expressed gratefulness towards their school which has shaped them into poised confident and compassionate persons. School Prefect, Adrija Thakur read the Covenant, a solemn agreement that reminds the students of their duties in future and a pledge to abide by the values learnt, throughout their schooling. A soulful rendition of Nammamma Sharade, a song composed by Kanakadasa and set to raaga Hamsadhwani played on flute by Tejaswi Karanth and Diya Agarwal, on violin by Raghav Kidambi and on tabla by Nikhil R Patil (Class of 2023-24), added to the beauty of the evening. The Candle Lighting Ceremony- a symbolic transfer of the light of knowledge, along with the chorus of the school song- Reach Out, Reach High, and Reach Beyond- brought the curtains down on yet another emotional farewell. There wasn’t a better way to say Hog Banni than the Music teacher Mr Jason Francis’ mellifluous rendition of Let’s Get Together Again. After the national anthem, the gathering dispersed to enjoy the remaining part of the scintillating evening in the school grounds.