Khoj 2017

‘Khoj’, the triennial science exhibition explored and celebrated the Spirit of Science on the 11th& 13th of October. The two day event ear marked separately for the primary classes & the senior school was inaugurated by Director, NPS group of schools, Dr.Bindu Hari.

The school campus turned into the Ministry of Science and various classrooms into the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Social Science. Each department was an intensive and rewarding experience, be it the unexpected applications of the principles of Electromagnetism, science behind Biological Warfare and Colours of Chemistry, decrypting Math and Art of Gambling or intelligent computing behind self-driven cars and smart homes. The young explorers from grades 1 to 5 traversed the kingdoms from earth to heaven in their study of plants, insects, human body, light, energy, and heavenly bodies If the experiments blew the mind of the visitors, the shows stole their hearts. The exuberantly colourful show ‘Vibrant Karnataka’ presented by the primary students depicted the diverse richness and glory of the state. It was studded with traditional folk dances, enactment and songs. Students of grade 8 beautifully captured the glorious and arduous moments in our country’s journey into the 21st century and eventually, reflected on how far we have come to the awakening that Rabindranath Tagore had envisaged.

The three shows presented by the senior students seamlessly bound science and emotions. If in the ‘Chamber of Secrets’ the dangers of Biological weapons were dealt with, the ‘Dark Arts’ transported the audience to a fantasy land where the spells could be lifted by the magic potions made of chemicals. The ‘Hall of Mjolnir’ with several working models based on the principles of Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction challenged the audience to lift Thor’s hammer and thereby save the ancient kingdom of Heimdall from the blighted curse of generations.

‘KHOJ’ inspired the entire NPS Koramangala fraternity to reach out to the stars through constant endeavours and challenges with the event motto ‘Ad Astra PerAspera’ leading the way.