Grade 10-A Assembly - Drive Against Drugs

Students of Grade 10-A presented their assembly on ‘Drive Against Drugs’ on 11 July 2018. The subject was dealt with comprehensively and a deep insight was provided on the use, effects and causes of drugs and its addiction. An informative quiz and speech enlightened the audience about the various types of drugs used by people all around the world, especially by teenagers to escape from reality. An animated debate on ‘Legalization of Drugs’ brought forth the reasons against its legalization, which are : firstly, it can in no way control black markets , secondly it has quite a serious toll on physical and mental health. The team in favour of legalizations vehemently stated that legalization indeed reduces drug use as it has done at the borders of the US where drug use reduced from 4 million tons to 1.5 million. Finally, the thought, “it is better to stay off drugs than get off drugs” summed up the deliberation effectively.