World Environment Day 2022

Seneca said, "Nature has given us seeds of knowledge, not knowledge itself". The World Environment Day 2022 celebration at NPS KRM on 3rd June 2022 was an opportunity for Gen Z to scatter those seeds by promoting consciousness to nurture nature. This year’s Environment Day theme is ‘Only One Earth’, focusing on ‘Living sustainably in harmony with nature. Students of high school found creative mediums to disseminate the message. Their melodious and peppy songs in Sanskrit and French indeed struck the chord. The quiz on nature and wildlife tested the children’s knowledge and stimulated them to be more aware of the severe impact of human actions on the environment. A video message from UNEP Executive Director Inger Anderson further reinforced the call for redemption. Our young crusaders’ pledge to go beyond merely making changes in the lifestyle to restore the environment assured our belief in their conviction.