Udyama 2021-22

The Grade 6 entrepreneurship program (Udyama 2021-22) which was initiated with an orientation in mid-September 2021, was taken to the next level in October 2021 with the bubbly yet confident pre-teens giving wings to their dreams by vigorously pitching their business proposals.

With the vision to nurture the talent of youth by enlightening them on various aspects of industrial/business activity, each section of Grade 6 was divided into three groups (Merge, Innovate and Diversify) and assigned a group of mentors. For “Merge” the students had to merge two existing companies that would sell a product/ service under the new brand name. “Innovate” allowed the students to innovatively come up with new products for companies while “Diversify” made the young entrepreneurs develop new products and services beyond the existing ones. Aided by their mentors, (Grade 11 Economics students) and driven by their own creative ideas, the 6th Graders launched their ambitious business plans through Power Point Presentations from 9-11 February. Their proposals were critically judged by several external judges, ranging from IIM alumni to real world entrepreneurs who not only lauded the tactical propositions of the prospective tycoons but also provided them with valuable feedback.