Eco Club - Turmeric Ganesha Making

The Inter – House Turmeric Ganesha Making competition was held on 29th August. With the objective of creating eco-friendly Ganesha, the event encouraged students to get creative and be more aware of what is sustainable in our surroundings. In an hour-long competition, 13 teams made 6-inch statuettes of lord Ganesha. The materials used were all eco-friendly: atta (wheat flour), maida (all -purpose flour), water, potter’s clay, leaves, turmeric, pistachio shells, petals, toothpicks, and beetroot dye. The participants outdid themselves, showcasing their creativity and imagination through their work by adding elements like the mooshak, laddoos or modaks, and one group even carved out pink roses. The event was one-of-a-kind, planned around Ganesh Chaturthi for the students to try their hand at pottery and send across a valuable message.

1st – Challengers 6 C – Isha P & Rishima V
2nd – Explorers 7A & B – Dhriti J 7A, Pranjal A 7A, Arunima 7B
3rd – Challengers 7B – Sarah C, Manaswini R