The Art Hub 2023-2024

NPS Koramangala was aglow with resplendent colours on 10th February 2024 on the occasion of the annual art exhibition, The Art Hub. The exhibition showcased various artworks of students of Grades 1-10, made throughout the academic year. The creativity of the tiny tots of primary grades was on full display, from the gallery of little birds by Grade 1 and colour shading by Grade 2 to the illusionary agamographs by Grade 3. Among other exhibits, Mandala art and match-stick craft by Grade 4 students, and zentangle tree art by Grade 5 were much appreciated by the visitors. The senior grades unleashed their artistry with neon sketches of the wild by Grade 6; the painted woven scenic plates by Grade 8; and Kalamkari and pen art by Grade 7.

A new feature of this year’s exhibition was the artistic works of various VPA (Visual and Performing Arts) club students. Karla Gerard’s vivid and whimsical urban art style and intricate embroidery art by Art and Needle Work students respectively wowed the spectators. Photography and Digital Design exhibitions by VPA students of the respective clubs offered a spectacular show of captivating pictures, E-vites, and digital posters. Apart from this, large paintings of artistic splendour decorated the corridors of the school, bringing their imagination and creative vision to life.