Teachers' Day Celebration 2023

They sang; they danced, they emoted; they won the hearts of their teachers. Our students from Grades 6-12 expressed their reverence and affection for their teachers through a spectacular presentation on Teachers’ Day, celebrated on 5th September 2023. The programme commenced with the fluid motions of a classical dance by the students of Grades 9-11 followed by an original composition, set to enchanting music, by the students of Grade 10. A video, put together by Maitreyi Verma of 12A and her team, captured lovely shots of students pouring their hearts out for their teachers. The melodious symphony flowing from the violin, the keyboard, and the flute was a compelling ensemble that bound the admirers in rapt attention- presented by Martin A. Gomez of Grade 11, Kidambi Raghav, Tejasvi Karanth and Aryavir Mohanti of Grade 12. The mirroring of a usual day in the life of a teacher, by young students of Grades 6-8, was adorable as well as hilarious. The lingering lyrics of soulful Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil songs by the Middle School students swayed the hearts of one and all. The passion and the power of the Senior School band- with some amazing vocals by Shantanu K. (Grade 11) and Rishaan L. (Grade 10)- left the audience spellbound. However, what stole the show was the mind-blowing dance medleys set to hugely popular numbers by Grade 12 students, now a constant and irreplaceable feature of the Teacher’s Day programme every year.