Teacher’s Day Celebrations, 2022

Teacher’s Day at NPS Koramangala is always a celebration of the love, trust, and bonding between the teacher and the taught. This is the day when the students seize the opportunity to manifest their affection and devotion through a wonderfully orchestrated program. The Teacher’s Day celebration on 3rd September was a lovely bouquet of music, dance, comedy, skit, poetry, speech, and games.

The learners turned into entertainers and left no stone unturned to make the day especially wonderful for their gurus. While the redolence of classical melodies, beats of mridangam, and violin by Ankita Anand, Sankarshanan Srikanth and Vishnu Venkatram (Grade 12) permeated the auditorium, Kushagra Sisodia’s pungent humour had everyone in splits. Even before the audience could resuscitate from the comic convulsions, the students of Grade 10 upturned the barrel of laughter through a skit and popular western dance numbers.

Sohham S Joshi and Mukund Rathi of Grade 8 stole everyone’s heart with an ode to the educators. The stage was set on fire as the Grade 12 students performed the must-have component – the Bollywood chartbusters. Next came the Treasure Hunt which the teachers enjoyed like little kids.

The fun-filled day ended with the rhythmic Thiruvathirakalli- Onam dance by the teachers in the traditional attire.