Spectrum 2021

During the month of August, NPS Koramangala added yet another feather to its cap, by conducting the first Virtual EY Sports Day – Spectrum 2021. Sports teaches discipline, develops a spirit of sportsmanship, inculcates team spirit and instils leadership qualities.

As a tribute to our nation’s 75th year of Independence, the theme chosen was ’Tri-Colour’. During her address to the audience, our Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair reiterated the need to include free and unstructured play time every day and the need to read everyday to help children develop a love for reading.

Children participated in various age-appropriate races like stacking, crawling, balancing, stringing, and overcoming obstacles enthusiastically. Children also demonstrated their culinary skills by making tri-colour sandwiches. Their performance and the enthusiastic participation brought out smiles.

The certificates that were presented by the parents and grandparents came as a pleasant surprise to the children. The Finale was a performance that included swaying to the foot tapping beats of ‘Indiawale’ followed by the National Anthem. Parents supported the little ones by applauding the efforts put in by every student and teacher alike.

Over 250 students between the ages of 3 to 6 years participated in the Sports day. It included 8 different events spread over the entire month of August. ‘Freedom in our mind, faith in our words and pride in our souls!’ was an emotion that echoed in the minds of the parents and teachers alike.