SoUlit- the Social Science and Literary Fest 2023

SoUlit, the first edition of the Social Science and Literary Fest, organized by NPS Koramangala, beckoned all the wordsmiths, dramatists, geographers, historians, chefs, and treasure hunters to put their ingenuity, artistry, and talent to test on 24th August 2023.

Commencing with ‘Our Prayer to Thee…’ the fest was declared open by the Principal, Ms. Jyotsna Nair, who addressed the audience, extolling the languages of the world, which have been ‘the bedrock of civilizations’ and the social sciences, that enable us to understand our world and forge connections to make it a better place for all. A theatrical performance by students of Grades 6-8, serving as a precursor to the fest events, kindled the audiences’ curiosity.

More than 260 participants from 8 schools battled it out in 13 distinct events, showcasing their brilliance and inventiveness, be it penning down exquisite poetry; bringing alive the episodes from timeless classics through cosplay; stand-up comedy, or scavenging victory buried in cryptic clues.

A melange of varied forms of literature, art, and entertainment- the fest chronicled splendid performances lauding our unique culture through Kannada plays and inimitable folkdance forms. In the French events, while the delectability of French cuisines- a treat for the eyes and the palate- was unmissable at Les Vrais Chefs, the elegance of the French language was charming at Spell Bee. The Social Science events too were a huge success. Geo Quest and Geo Summit proved how well-informed is our young gen, as global citizens and how vociferous they are in voicing the concerns that decide our planet’s fate. And when History capered out of its crinkled pages and started having compelling dialogues, presenting an imaginative exchange of perspective on events that changed the world- through comic strips, it was no more boring.

The closing ceremony had a delectable Thiruvathirakali, an ode to Onam by NPS KRM teachers, and a high-octane band performance by the Middle School musicians. The fest wrapped up with the prize distribution amidst deafening jubilant cheers. The overall trophy was bagged by NAFL (National Academy For Learning).