Republic Day Celebrations - January 26, 2021

Every year, NPS Koramangala celebrates Republic Day with great zeal and spirit. This year’s online school was no different. Grade 12 students and teachers gathered in the school ground to witness the proud moment of unfurling of our tricolour by Principal Ms Jyotsna Nair, who was accompanied by the Student council.

The entire school watched the flag hoisting virtually, along with the live streaming of cultural programme anchored by Ishana Modi. Khushi Sharma of grade 10, effectively summed up the tumultuous Covid year, with its bitter sweet experiences in the face of unparalleled adversity. She eloquently spoke about the indefatigable spirit of our front-line warriors, the ever-prevailing humanity amidst panic, success of online classes and rising, shining, stronger India. A short but insightful video expressing what people across the world think about India, was played later. Various presentations of classical art forms like dance and music were next. Pranjal Srivastav and Aditya Raj of grade 11 performed a musical rendition on the Piano and Tabla. Elisha James, Godha Mandhya and Ankita Anand of grade 10 brightened the mood with a melange of patriotic songs and Mansi Anil Kumar, Nistha Ladi, Jaanya Wadhwa and Mayuki Gupta of grade 10 followed with a patriotic dance presentation.

The celebration was wrapped up with a powerful and moving Hindi speech by Sujata Ma’am, who lit the fire of nationalism and brotherhood. Her message was surely conveyed straight to our hearts and the ‘Jai Hind!’ at the end was a perfect way to sum up this glorious day.