Republic Day Celebration 2024

NPS Koramangala celebrated India’s 75th Republic Day on 26th January 2024 with patriotic zeal and fervour on the school grounds. Flanked by the members of the Student Council, the Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair unfurled the tricolour to a mellifluous patriotic rendition of the national anthem by the school choir in the presence of students, teachers and parents.

A classical dance performed by the VPA dance students of Grade 9 to a medley of patriotic songs regaled the audience. It was followed by an ardently eloquent and insightful speech by Ms Priya Sreenivasan, Faculty Member, invoking the spirit of patriotism and individual potential. She highlighted the journey of India from independence to becoming a republic and emphasized the role of students as future torchbearers. Drawing inspiration from the life of Mary Kom, she encouraged students to strive for excellence in their unique ways. She concluded with a call to uphold the Fundamental Duties outlined in the Constitution and to work collectively for a better India.

Afterwards, an evocative Hindi poem by Anvi Garg of Grade 10 reminded the audience of their kinship as Indians, and their duty to serve the nation by eradicating the plague of sorrow and penury. A western dance-drama by Grade 9 students unveiled the purpose behind celebrating Republic Day, and the essence of democracy. Lastly, a poignant rendition of the patriotic Sanskrit song ‘Jayatu Janani’ tugged at everyone’s heartstrings.