Republic Day

NPS KRM celebrated the 73rd Republic Day joyously. Though celebrated virtually, this year's show was nothing less than spectacular. Invigorating speeches by Manya Golash (Grade 10) and Hindi teacher Ms. Namita Tripathi, performance of Surya Namaskar, vivacious dance presentation by the students of Grades 3-7 and melodious renditions of Hindi patriotic songs by grades 1-12 students were the highlights of the programme. An interesting video on the Braille version of the national flag with the significance of each colour of the flag printed in cement in braille, touched the hearts. Students also shared their views on the questions, ‘Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?’, ‘What do you hold so near and dear in your heart about your country?’, and ‘How can you help your country progress?’, through Padlet. Finally, a short quiz tested the students’ knowledge about the nation.

Grades 3, 4, and 5 delved into the history of the constitution, the meaning of democratic republic form of government. A video was played that included speech, highlighting 73rd Republic Day celebrations by Siri Shastry, speech on “My Country India” by Sneho Roy students of Grade 5 describing the greatness of India. The culmination was dance performances by Grade 3 students - Advaith Nair and Vibusha Pavan followed by the National Anthem. A quiz was held based on National Symbols, Republic Day etc.