A Tribute to the Great Sentinel- Rabindranath Tagore

On the 16th of February, NPS Koramangala celebrated the life and works of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, the great sentinel, as he was called by Mahatma Gandhi. The celebration focussed on the great poet’s warning to young Indians against the approach of enemies such as ‘Bigotry, Lethargy, Intolerance, Ignorance, Inertia’ and transforming their dreams into action.

Presented exclusively by the students of Grades 7-8, the programme encapsulated the essence of Tagore’s precious legacy. Beautifully interwoven with his life’s stories -- through the much-acclaimed Satyajit Ray documentary on Tagore -- the Sunlight-themed Bengali song, the dance recital on his rain poem, and mesmerizing recitation of the immortal verses from his Song Offerings- Gitanjali, transported the audience to the idyllic world of Shanti Niketan, soaking them into the sunshine, and showers of profoundly sensitive melodies. As the listeners glided on the boat of undiluted joy of Gurudev’s story, recreated by the young storytellers, they lost themselves in the aura of the golden period when the great Bard of Bengal walked on Indian soil. And when the stentorian, yet lyrical and lilting, iconic - Ekla Cholo Re… reverberated through the auditorium, none could stop drifting along its beats.

The presentation proved a great lesson in history as well, to the young audience. They were delighted to listen to, hitherto unheard, additional 4 stanzas, of our national anthem, penned by the ‘Biswokobi’.

The students left inspired to live Kobiguru’s dream and cherish his memory by following the path shown by the legend.