Primary sports day, March 2023

The Sports Day event of the Primary Grades of NPS Koramangala was conducted in March. The events for the Junior category (Grades 4 and 5) were conducted on 7 th March, while the subjunior and the pre-sub junior categories had their events on the 8 th of March. The energy levels of the students were palpable in the air and the excitement could be felt and heard from the get-go.

The students in the colours of the four houses – Pioneers, Explorers, Challengers and Voyagers on the green turf with the background of the blue sky, were indeed a sight to behold. Day 1 was eventful with the Challenger House taking the lead and the Pioneers in a close second place. Siddhanth A Kamurthi of the Pioneers House and Riya Saksena of the Challengers House won the individual trophies in this category.

On day 2, the students of Grade 1-3 proved their mettle too. More in number and equally boisterous in their spirit, the little ones kept the show going with their victories and adding medals to their repertoire. The cheerleaders were just as fervent and energetic in their mission on this day. The Individual Championship trophies were won by Riyansh Sanisetty of the Pioneers house and Sukriti Sao of the Voyagers house in the pre-sub junior category. In the sub junior category, Zunoor Rahman and Aishani Singh, both from the Pioneers House bagged the Individual Championship trophies.

Day 2 concluded with the prize distribution event. The young Pioneers helped their House bag the Overall Championship. The Challengers won the Runner up trophy. Explorers won the trophy for the best cheerleading team. The trophies were handed out by the Principal Ms. Jyostna Nair.