NPSKonnect - Parentspeak

In a bid to strengthen the bond with parent community NPS Kormangala has started a career counselling drive, ‘NPSKonnect- Parentspeak’ powered by the parent speakers. During March and April 2021 five sessions of the programme were conducted that catered to diverse fields.

In its first session CEO of Career Guidance and Mentoring firm Loratis – Dr. Nandkishore Rathi introduced attendees to the scientific method of choosing one’s career and the subsequent planning of one’s professional life. Flight Lieutenant Ms Madhavi Kattishetti convened the second session. She educated the students on the pride and glory of being a part of the Indian Defence Forces, especially the Air Force. While elaborating on the different kinds of entrance methods, exams and tests to enter the Indian Airforce, she also gave a peek into the rigorous daily schedule as well as the excellent recreation provided by the institution.

The third session was headed by Mr Karthik Ganapathi, Senior Director Epsilon, who enlightened the children about the dynamics of true leadership and inspired them to cultivate the characteristics and values that make an ‘authentic’ leader. He also debunked a few myths related to leadership.

Ms. Nidhi Mathur, a renowned social entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, was the guest speaker for the fourth session of NPSKonnect – Parentspeak. Ms. Mathur talked about her successes and failures with much enthusiasm, encouraging students to meet every challenge head on. The pros and cons of pursuing your own start-up which presents a world of possibilities and achievements were discussed.

The 5th session of the programme was about Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Mrs. Amritha Prasanna Sathiadevan, Vice President of Software Engineering at JP Morgan and an engineer with over 16 years of industrial experience, explained what Artificial Intelligence means and stressed on its relevance in almost all fields in today’s world. She gave students a glimpse of what AI can be expected to achieve in the future. Students were also given an insight into machine learning and its various types.