Networked - Cyber Week

In an endeavour to ensure that our students remain safe we had the Cyber week from the 26th to the 30th of July. The agenda for the week varied to suit the various grades.

The week began with an introduction on Internet safety through a presentation –“Pause and Think Online” to reiterate the importance of being safe, responsible and respectful online. It was an interactive session, the highlight of which was not to believe everything seen online, not to open messages from strangers, never to give out usernames and passwords and being polite through a word search activity.

The fun aspect of it, the Bingo was played to summarize the concepts. The students used their learning to draw a poster using Tux paint or other drawing software, and finally a pledge was taken to ensure cyber safety.

Netiquette listed the rules to be observed while using the net. This was followed up by a talk on what is considered as personal information and the need to keep it private.

‘The Locked suitcase’ was all about guarding personal information, ‘Face behind the Mask’ was about making friends online and when to seek help from a trusted adult Cyber wellness- the focus of the presentation was on principles and values that needed to be cultivated and threats to cyber wellness. This was rounded off with a discussion on Cyber bullying, Cyber predators and Copyright issues.

Our guest speaker for the week, Mr. Ganesh, from Microsoft, truly connected with students of Grades 4 and 5. The students remained rivetted to their screens and had very relevant questions to ask of him. He spoke of various dangers lurking for the unwary and gave guidelines on how to stay safe online. The session was very educative and all were motivated to follow the safety rules when online. The awareness displayed by our young computer enthusiasts during the interaction was noteworthy.

The entire week was informative and fun-filled with an array of memory games, jigsaw puzzles, game link and videos and it concluded with an exciting poster making activity reinforcing their learning. It truly was an eye opener for our students.

Kudos to our Computer Department!