Market Day 2020

Happening Saturday - Saturday 29th February was a Happening Saturday with a slew of events - Namma Santhe (Grade 6), Paintstreak (Art Exhibition), Spin-a-Tale (Grade 4) and Li’l Confectioners (Bake sale by Grades 7 & 8) held in the school premises. Read more about them.

Market Day

The school ground transformed into a buzzing bazaar on Saturday. The young entrepreneurs of grade 6 armed with their hand made fantastic wares, capturing stalls, marketing skill and confidence received the consumers with a great enthusiasm. The wares on offer were wide ranging right from potted plants, painted trays, rangoli, decorated jute bottles, bags, mobile pouches, stationary holders and much more.

The purpose of this project is to develop their business skills. Right from conceptualizing the product, to wooing venture capitalists for investment and devising astute marketing strategies, the students of grade 6 have done it all. Adding meaning to the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ in their own little way, these youngsters have given away the profits generated to the institution for underprivileged.

The most crucial part of the project is that students work in groups making it a collaborative exercise and at the same time realizing the importance of being sensitive towards the environment. The efforts of the students were highly appreciated and lauded. It indeed was a fantastic learning experience for Grade 6 students.