Literary event

The junior inter-house literary event was conducted on 10th December. The entire event consisted of four rounds- The first and third rounds were direct spelling rounds, the second was an idiom round and the fourth was a declamation round. The first round of spelling was a direct round with words of lesser difficulty compared to the third round. Each house took turns, first letting the sixth grader spell, then the seventh grader and finally the eighth graders. The same rules applied to the third round, which was a direct round with higher difficulty. For the second round, participants were shown a picture on the screen and were given 30 seconds to guess the idiom that the picture represented.

The fourth and final round was the declamation round, where two students from each house were assigned a prominent personality and had to deliver a speech given by that person. After 4 grueling rounds, it was finally time to announce the results. The Challengers team comprising Chinmay Jujare (8C), Anasuya, Sneho Roy (6A), Naomi Davis (7B), and Mukund Rathi (8B) bagged first place with an overall score of 85 points. The Voyagers comprising Adhya, Sreejani B (7B), and Sohham Joshi (8B) were the runners-up with 47 points. The Explorers comprising Ishan Kale(6B), Vaishakh V (7B), Mannan M and Hansini Prasanna (8C) bagged third place with 43 points. And finally, the Pioneers comprising of Sana Z (6A), Sachit B (7C), Akshay N (8A)and Iqjot K (8A) placed fourth with 18 points.