KHOJ An Expedition 2020-21 (Grades 7-9)

With online classes in the pandemic year 2020-21, the triennial Science project- KHOJ was tweaked to suit the ‘new normal’. The idea is to direct students to research regularly for a period of time on a topic of their choice. The objective is to build the students’ research prowess and unleash their passion. In the words of our principal, Ms Jyotsna Nair, “Our present education system, with its rigid structured approach, somewhere stifles the innate inquisitiveness of children. Khoj is an attempt to reignite the curiosity latent in children.”

Our little scientists worked relentlessly for more than three months on their subject of research. They carried out independent research; meticulously recorded their findings in a journal; wrote their first research paper ever; drafted script for their presentations; explored and used various online tools to make their presentations effective and finally created a 3-minute video which condensed all their discoveries.

Spanning from 1st to 26th February, there were 9 shows which displayed around 270 videos with an array of diverse topics, be it science, sports, art, psychology, philosophy, games, music, designing, fashion, robotics, AI, history, food or economy. The students brought such penetrating insights into their projects that the audience couldn’t help but admire them passionately.

KHOJ 2021 met more than its desired objectives. Students’ dedicated efforts made them wiser and more matured as they coordinated in a team with discipline and commitment.