Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration 2023-2024

On the golden jubilee year of the formation of Karnataka, NPS KRM celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava on 3rd November 2023 with a difference. The auspicious unveiling of Hombale, the coconut blossom by the Principal Ms. Jyotsna Nair was symbolic of the blossoming personalities of kids nurtured with values, principles, and quality education.

Fun Learning Centers created by the students of Grade 7, with the help of Kannada language teachers, to showcase, experience, and relish the rich, vibrant culture of Karnataka was the first step in embracing Kannada language with love. These Fun Learning Centers were also part of the pilot project called Visible Learning envisioned by Vice Chairperson, NPS Group of Schools, Dr. Bindu Hari and hosted by Grade 7 students for Grade 6 students.

Word puzzles, guessing proverbs, and solving riddles tickled the brain, enhancing critical thinking skills. Indigenous games like Bale aata, Kaddiaat, and Chaukabar , that develop fine motor skills, were a big hit. The rhythmic, repetitive movements of traditional art and crafts like garland, wick, and toran-making help boost our powers of concentration, akin to the positive effects of meditation. An interesting map reading activity helped improve students’ geographical awareness of the state of Karnataka.

The highlight of the learning centre were the eye-catching exhibits on display that included copper utensils used by people of yore, Dussehra dolls showcasing jambusavari and sarees unique to Karnataka such as Mysore silk, Ilakal , Monakalnoor , the Topu musuku saree of Dharwad, the Khun saree of Bijapur and Bagalkot. A traditional chappara of coconut leaves and a miniature madhve mandapamade of banana stem were an added attraction.

Enhancing knowledge and understanding of aregion’s cultureis the best way to instill a deep love for the language as well.

Grade 3 students too had a special assembly dedicated to the celebration of the glory of Karnataka.