Interhouse Valedictory Ceremony

The Valedictory Ceremony for the inter-house cultural events for the year was conducted on 28th January, 2022. At the outset, School Prefect, Aditya Raj gave a brief overview of all the inter-house events conducted during the year. The audience were shown glimpses of some of the best music, dance, and dramatic performances. The music event included melodious classical renditions, and innovative takes on theme songs of TV shows. The competitors regaled the audience by impersonating the timeless characters in the Movie Edit round in dramatics. The teams also tackled environmental and social issues through their performances in collaboration with the Eco Club. The dance event took the viewers through the decades with each house portraying a style of dancing associated with the decade assigned. Principal, Ms. Jyotsna Nair declared the winners of the cultural trophy of the year. The Challengers placed 3rd, Pioneers 2nd, and the first place was shared by the Explorers and Voyagers.