Inter-house Events

Grades 6-8

Doodle making (Art Club):

The art competition, Doodle Making, was conducted on 26th- 30th July 2021. ‘To my future self’ was the theme of the competition. The cool doodles displayed excellent drawing skills, creativity and originality of the young artists.

Out of the 30 entries shortlisted, the winners of the competition were Ananya Mahesh (Pioneer House)- first place; Anirudh Srinivas (Voyager House)- second place, and Nikita Shanbaug (Explorer House)- third place.

Scratch Coding (Cyber Club):

The Scratch Coding event for grades 6-8 was hosted by the Cyber Club on 19th August. It was a team event hosted on the online Scratch platform. Each House had a team of two participants who had to solve 6 questions within an hour. In the close competition Pioneer House won the event with a score of 15.5 points. Explorer House was the runners-up by a difference of merely half a point. The event was a tremendous learning experience for the participants as well as the conveners.

Poetry Writing (Literary Club):

The Poetry Writing competition was conducted on 9th July 2021 where all students from grades 6 to 8 composed a poem using a given prompt. Conducted during the Friyay period, the activity showcased the creativity, imagination and presence of mind of the budding poets.

The winners of the competition were -Alia Ghaus (Pioneer House) and Sreejani Bhaduri (Voyager House) -first place; Anushka Venu (Pioneer House) - second place, and Nishant Ray (Voyager House) and Manasvini Rau (Challenger House)- third place.

Grades 9 - 12

One-Minute Please (Literary Club)

The senior school interhouse events for the year commenced with Literary Club hosting the live event, ‘One Minute Please!’ on 23rd August 2021. It was a fiercely competitive and fast paced event where a participant from each House locked horns with his/her opponent in impromptu speech. Each minute given to the contestants was an exciting display of creativity, presence of mind, critical thinking and excellent oratory skills. The speakers were challenged for hesitation, repetition or deviation from the topic allotted which made the contest truly testing. The event was headed by President Literary Club, Aishani Tewari. She was ably supported by Vice President Ishana Modi and Secretaries Srijan Ghosh and Ranya Bahirwani. The results for this well received competition will soon be announced.

Coding Event (Cyber Club):

A Coding event was hosted by the Cyber Club on the platform called Codeforces on 24th August. The two-hour long event had three participants from each House who competed to solve fifteen coding problems in the least possible time. Voyager House emerged victorious with a total of 14 points. Pioneer House was the runners up with 8 points.

Quizophilia (Quiz Club):

The Interhouse Battle of the Brains, Quizophilia, was conducted on 25th August, 2021. The quiz encompassed 4 rounds: Infinite Bounce, Chain Round, Jeopardy and Place your Bets, with two participants per House. The event commenced with Infinite Bounce where the Explorers and the Voyagers secured 20 points each, while the Challengers and Pioneers were yet to score. No team could complete their respective chains in the Chain round, however, the Challengers and Explorers earned 30 and 10 points respectively. The Explorers cashed in on the penultimate, Jeopardy round securing 40 points while the Voyagers scored 20 points. The quiz ended with the ‘Place your bets’ round where all the teams incurred negative points, except for the Challengers. The final scores showed the Explorers narrowly edging out the Challengers to secure the first position, while the Challengers, Voyagers and Pioneers took the second, third and fourth places respectively.